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Prime Studio - Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Prime Designtech philosophy is to use a holistic approach to design, taking into account the environment, the cultural and physical context of a space.

Each situation calls for varied representations of concepts or ideas. We also realise that while creating winning designs it is important to have a strong, singular central idea that is woven through all our concepts. Consistency is another crucial consideration, especially when translating 2D into 3D design.

Business Ethics

We believe in honesty and transparency with our employees, clients, vendors and partners, and strive to demonstrate integrity in all our relationships. We continually evaluate our business processes to support a user-friendly environment that improves client and employee satisfaction.

We challenge our priorities, policies, rules, procedures, regulations, and laws to ensure that we are providing efficient and effective services to our clients.

Prime Designtech aims to be a supportive partner on our clients’ teams and a trusted advisor to their Boards. Our drive to achieve results beyond expectations is reflected in the number of repeat projects and new appointments we have received from clients. We attribute the success of our project to the cohesive energy of teamwork, collaborating closely with our clients and valuing and encouraging our employees contribution.

We create realities where none exists, moulding and enhancing your ideas with a definite shape and form. We would like to see ourselves as empowering our customers to reach new frontiers in their own businesses.

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