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Prime Studio - Team

Prime Studio is comprised of a talented, highly motivated team of designers and engineers. We encourage a culture of creativity at our studio. Our mature and experienced team of professionals utilise their skills to provide innovative architectural solutions. Dynamism and passion are the driving forces at Prime Studio, spurring us on to work relentlessly to build high end infrastructure.


  1. Harshavardhan S
  2. Heading the design team at Prime Studio, Harshavardhan conceptualised and set up the design studio in 2004. The studio has seen a meteoric rise under his command, adding new clients every year as well as expanding the solutions offered to existing clients.

    He is actively involved in all aspects of the design process and continues to explore new directions in creativity. He combines strong technical knowledge with his passion for design. He has significant experience in applying Multimedia tools to create innovative concepts.

  3. Gautham shetty

Top Management:

  1. Prabhushankar H A – Architect
  2. Manoj Kumar R – Marketing
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